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There are few school divisions that have as many different qualities as ours. Some may have a similar socioeconomic range, some may have a similar ethnic diversity, some may have a similarly high number of recent immigrants, and many will of course have the exceptional high achieving students, but very few contain ALL of these qualities. The positive aspect of this is that we truly represent in microcosm all of the issues that must be addressed in American public education today. Our dedicated staff and passionate community are eager to tackle these issues. I truly believe that ACPS is the most exciting school division in the country, because we have the opportunity to be a national model for achievement.
We to become that national model through specific initiatives, such as our Office of Partnerships, our strategic planning, and our adoption of innovative initiatives such as the grant awarded after school program at Brent Place, our International Academy, our Governor’s School for Health Sciences, and many, many others.
Our new superintendent has brought us site specific school improvement plans, designed to closely monitor targeted interventions throughout the year at each of our schools. This will help us improve testing outcomes and overall academic achievement, and help us fulfill our mission that Every Student Succeeds.

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