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The following are all items I supported and in many cases led in my position as Chair in this current term. I hope to be re-elected in order to continue to push for these accountability measures.

1. Audits of departments. In this last term, the School Board has commissioned departmental audits in the following areas: Procurement, Payroll, Facilities, and Human Resources. Each of these audits produced specific recommendations and actions steps for each of these departments. There is a schedule for the completion of each of the recommendations, and many have already been completed. I want to be able to continue to monitor the completion of the rest of the recommendations, and also to continue with further audits, starting with Communications.

2. Evaluations of educational programs. In the last term, the School Board commissioned evaluations of both the Talented and Gifted program and the Special Education program. Much like the department audits, these evaluations provided specific recommendations and actions steps that will help the division improve the delivery of services in both these areas. I hope we can continue a regular schedule of evaluations, as they help focus our division to targeted interventions that will deliver the greatest gains.

3. Responsible budgets. When we developing our funding requests for each year, we need to be able to clearly make the case to the taxpayers of Alexandria that we will use those funds in the most efficient and productive manner possible. We need to be able to produce data that shows how investments in programs brings results.

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